Content Marketing is not a new thing, it has been around for a long time, however it seems that due to the ridiculously real time and dig...

4 Step guide to Creative Thinking: Step 3. Be Original.

Content Marketing is not a new thing, it has been around for a long time, however it seems that due to the ridiculously real time and digitally savvy nature of audiences around the world today who are exchanging 144 billion emails and producing 844 thousand hours of YouTube content daily, the game has changed a little.

It seems that due to a “me too” blogging culture and the consistent repurposing of content by brands and bloggers to contribute to conversations, content has become diluted and fragmented, ultimately loosing impact and relevance with audiences globally. 

Eileen Brown from Amastra Ltd talks about how content generators need to overcome organisational pressure to mass produce content for the sole purpose of achieving click through rates. It seems that due to this pressure we have lost our edge of originality. We have stopped creating content for the interest of the audience but rather to meet a direct response metric.

Eileen also explains that because the audiences of today are time poor and used to bite sized “status update” style content, as well as being cleverer, not wanting to be advertised to by brands, it is much harder to cut through the content deluge and stand out. Her tips on breaking through were centered on the power of a headline. It seems that 8 in 10 people read a headline, however only 2 in 10 people actually read the story or content below it. As such she recommends placing numbers, affirmation and validation into a headline an example being: “5 Best ways to tie an awesome bowtie”. She closes by encouraging creativity and originality. “Be disruptive, be innovative, and don’t listen to those who say it’s not a good idea.” 

Developing and planning for engaging and relevant content is also a core part of our business managing the social presences of large global brands such as Glenfiddich and Callaway Golf Europe. As such we understand the importance of “getting it right” and being relevant to our discerning premium authentic fans. In light of this we have prepared our HOUSE RULES for developing social content.

  1. 1. Relevance is Key
  2. 2. Leverage your assets
  3. 3. Variation is a must
  4. 4. Quality speaks volumes
  5. 5. Invest in content  

An interesting trend with regards to content marketing is that of native content advertising. It is pegged as the future in advertising considering the emergence of a new, savvier and predominately online audience known as Generation N. Native content advertising is based on the thought that content should take more of an editorial approach and stimulate interest and relevance amongst audiences rather than disrupt for the sake of broadcasting a brand message. Check out the below links on the subject.

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