Kelly Thomas from  St. Louis Zoo is teaching me how Penguins speak. I figure that since they ’ re the new key to viral success...

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Kelly Thomas from St. Louis Zoo is teaching me how Penguins speak.

I figure that since theyre the new key to viral success following the John Lewis ad, I should learn.

Im learning it from a YouTube video.

You can learn anything on the internet


Try it, have a look on YouTube. It’s full of experts.

You can even learn how to learn.

It's all good content and what makes the internet so useful.

But this is where much of the advertising world is getting stuck when it comes to content.

It’s good editorial but it’s not good for most advertising briefs.

What we do is almost always perception change or awareness driving.

Brands don’t need to come to agencies in central london to capture someone teaching consumers how to use their products.

There’s always going to be a fan doing it already.

What we do is impact - add the twist, make people care, give them something different.

Content is the ‘what’ part of the equation.

Impact is the advertising bit. The bit we do.

We convert the rational into the emotional.

I often say we need to think like we’re in a production company putting together a pitch for a series for the BBC.

We should think like directors, not teachers.

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