IT’S NOT TOO LATE Don’t be fooled by the displays in shops it is still 67 days until Christmas and 6 weeks until Black Friday, this cou...

Christmas is coming: Be prepared for shoppable social

Don’t be fooled by the displays in shops it is still 67 days until Christmas and 6 weeks until Black Friday, this coupled with consumers no longer conforming to a long and logical purchase funnel brands the million-dollar question on many brands’ lips this time of year should be ‘how do I get my social to payback?’

With only 1.5% of ecommerce sales coming from a direct social media referral the next big opportunity is monetising your social audience. In short turning the significant investment of money and time building followers and likes and taking advantage of the increased reach, the better brand engagement and advocacy and the deeper more ‘real’ connection you have with your customers into a genuinely attributable ROI.

There are a host of opportunities to talk to your customers in social from innovative ad formats such as Facebook Canvas or Instagram Carousels, new platforms such as Snapchat, or capturing customer attention when it matters on mobile however probably the most important element is getting payback through the integration of shoppable social into your brand content.

The concept of social commerce is not ground-breaking, it is the inevitable next step in the journey, indeed with 40% of consumers researching products on social media (GWI) and most finding shopping inspiration on Instagram (24%), Facebook and YouTube (both 22%) and Snapchat (5%) (Ad Week) social now needs to be a multi-channel shopping experience.

The core channels have got their act together and have recently launched native tools such as Pinterest’s ‘buyable pins’ and Instagram’s ‘Shop now’ plus there are a number of frictionless media checkout tools such as Pixlee and Wirewax generating links between social media and ecommerce webpages.

However we strongly believe it is not just about harnessing these tools and adding ‘buy’ buttons brands also need to understand how best to engage with consumers and the key here is strong branded content that get their attention and keep it. As the agency that levitated whisky for Glenfiddich, created mind reading toppers for Hendrick’s’ Gin and drove cars through the power of positive thought for Hyundai we know the powr of great content and the integration of shoppable social is the (mostly) logical next step.  

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