For decades marketers have been told by all the greats to ‘Love the Brand’. Why bother? It’s simple: if you love the brands you wo...

Loving the brand


For decades marketers have been told by all the greats to ‘Love the Brand’. Why bother?

It’s simple: if you love the brands you work with, you’ll produce better work. The long hours won’t seem so bad.

But how many agencies really do it?  I’d wager few go beyond trying the product once. And, 3 months into my role at Gravity Thinking, I’m delighted to say that I’ve found am agency home that really does love and live the brands.

Whilst I type this I am watching our Creative Director, Martyn Gooding, attempt to levitate a bag of Tyrrells popcorn on a drone through the office. What’s he doing? “Trying to create a crisp delivery system that captures the delighted faces of the recipients”. I smile.

It’s also the week after The Botanical Boys visited us and we immersed ourselves in the joy of urban gardening. Why? So that when we work on the Scotts Miracle-Gro brief we’d actually had soil under our nails for the first time since childhood. So we thought differently about the brief. So we had a connection with the product beyond reading the brand guidelines.

The same week I took part in a Remy Martin master class to learn about the glorious process of making Cognac, from their very own cellar master Baptise Loiseau. Why? Not only because it’s a glorious thing, but so that I could compare it to the Whisky making process that I learned from the Glenfiddich Global Brand Ambassador, Ian Millar, years before. I want to know how our category talk and present themselves at such events.

Our diaries are booked up with Farm Trips so we can plant the humble potato for Tyrrells, Distillery trips so we can experience the whisky being made by our Glenfiddich client. We’re seeking out the best Gin bars in London for Hendrick’s and visiting the Science Museum to meet Robots. It’s actually part of our day job. #ToughGig.

This weekend I’m off to a Top Secret location to observe a new car under scrutiny at research groups for Hyundai. And then I’m off to a gig, where – by the way – I’m wearing a t-shirt we had printed with a trendy Black Magic logo on the front. Just so if anyone asks I can talk about the latest urban potting soil. Thanks to our connections planner Shelly, this soil is also the reason why half of the agency windowsills are bursting with plants.

There’s energy at Gravity Thinking that just drives people to do more; to want to know more and want to discover it for themselves.

So I come back to my original question: do we love the brand at Gravity Thinking? Yes we do. And Why? Because we are curious and we believe it makes our ideas better. And it’s fun!

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