Apparently according to Irish bank RaboDirect " Life is more interesting when you tell the truth" and they have launched a viral...

How dirty is your mind ?


Apparently according to Irish bank RaboDirect" Life is more interesting when you tell the truth" and they have launched a viral to support a website that does just that - a place "where you can confess your truths read confessions or get things off your chest. Up to you.There are 5 categories - Money, Relationships, Personal, Professional and the obligatory 'Other' for the stranger ones among you." I had a look through the "confessions" and most are pretty tame and a little boring even - the Sarah Beeney one was funny. Overall I like the approach- it works well with their "straight talking" proposition and the involvement of their staff work well at adding a human face to the brand plus they seem to be getting some traction judging by the forums and the increase in chat online BUT the videos are boring (they could have had a lot more fun with these) and it feels like they could have gone one step further and linked the viral more directly to their brand and product offering or related their offering to the areas eg insurance or cover for accidents that people confess to or some of competition for most juicy / honest confession with a financial prize eg money in a bank account to escape the consequences or pay for the damage etc. That way they also have some sort of follow up.
Interesting (and probably inevitable) that the top 5 are all about sex !

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