Following from the introduction post re: Gravity Thinking's 2012 Social Scriptures the first element that we believe should b...

Live Transmedia: Part 1 of our Social Scriptures


Following from the introduction post re: Gravity Thinking's 2012 Social Scriptures the first element that we believe should be a focus for brand and organisations in 2012 is Transmedia - see why below:

“Different media are like instruments – when you put them together they can create moving symphonies” Jeff Gomez L A Times

As of 2011 half the World is now under 25 – this means that increasingly you are talking to “digital natives” that have no recollection of a non connected World – as New York based Mr Youth puts it  a consumer who has grown up with brand new perspectives and redefined the interplay of communications, relationships, brands technology and media. This is consumer 2.0

However this is not confined to under 25 year olds - in essence this is now your consumer. They live their lives in a non linear state increasingly multi tasking and dipping into media at many different points. According to Global Web Index 63% use social to enhance their TV experience with 54% claiming to consume 3 different forms of media at once and 29% now watch TV on mobile, laptop or tablet.

Of course social media is leading this charge – it is integrating itself into all other forms of media, from TV idents asking us to visit a brand’s Facebook page to webpages with multiple suggestions to share, recommend, post etc. – the challenge is how does a brand take advantage of the opportunities of social but deal with its non linear nature?

To date most brands reaction has been to blast more messages at consumers but with distractions from mobiles, e-readers, ipods and tablets coupled with increasing cynicism of direct brand messages 2012 is going to be all about thinking differently about how you communicate your brand messages.

So what is the solution ? the answer is to adopt a “transmedia” approach to communicating your brand messages across the broad array of media opportunities to engage consumers and those who influence them. The key to this is the development of a “brand storyin order to deliver unique pieces of content over multiple channels connecting with consumers differently across each medium creating deeper, richer experiences.

Brian Solis presented an interesting solution in is his “brandsphere”, as he puts it “…this caters to consumers where they connect and folds them into the narrative that spans 5 media landscapes – Paid, Owned, Earned, Promoted and Shared” in essence as they flow from platform to platform you need to try to flow with them.

A great example of this approach is Decoded by Jayzee and Bing that asked fans to literally decode the lyrics of 11 studio albums to unlock details about Jay-Z's personal history and life. The campaign mashed up billboard advertising with social media, mobile apps and public installations and formed an interactive game that let players 'unlock' pages of the book At the same time players could enter a competition with a chance to win the "Jay-Z Lifetime Pass" a golden ticket admitting two people to any Jay-Z concert anywhere in the world for life. 

So what does this mean for your brand or service ? As indicated the key to creating transmedia campaigns is creating a brand story and this means understanding where you want to occupy in a consumer’s mind. Social media is key to helping you answer key questions such as:

-       Brand – what does my brand really mean to my consumer?
-       Creative – what expression do I want to portray?
-       Utility – how is it useful?
-       Entertainment – how can it engage your audience?


There a three ways that social can help you deliver a truly transmedia campaign for your brand:

-       Social Intelligence: A Social Media Intelligence Report will allow you to look at conversations in social media that involve your brand, the competition (direct and lateral) and the relevant subject areas for your brand or service and provides insight to help develop:
o   Messaging for your brand story
o   Targeting for your activity
o   Channel selection for your transmedia campaigns

-       Social campaigns: Brief and develop campaigns with social “baked in” either integrated or focused on social with interacting, creating, sharing and engagement at its heart.

-       Technology: Consider all channels including new tech solutions to ensure that the transmedia nature of consumers’ interactions are integrated and maximized.

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